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Rundown Acara


Day 1 – Saturday, 22 October 2022

07.30 – 08.15


Session I

08.15 – 09.15

Cardiovascular and Metabolic Syndrome

Moderator: dr. Ade Meidian Ambari (K) FIHA

Cardiovascular complications of Hypertension: Fixed Dose Combination for Optimal Protection

Speaker: dr. Roy Christian, SpJP FIHA

How to implement GDMT in HFrEF management in clinical practice, How We Can Start?

Speaker: Dr. dr. Sunanto Ng, SpJP (K) FIHA

Non-HDLC as cardiovascular prevention target therapy

Speaker: dr. Michael Tanaka, SpJP FIHA


09.25 – 10.25

Opening Ceremony

Opening Remarks from President of Indonesian Medical  Association of Banten

Speaker: dr. Roy Christian, SpJP (K) FIHA

Opening Remarks from President of Indonesian Heart Association

Speaker: dr. Radityo Prakoso, SpJP (K) FIHA

Medical Ethic topics from IDI

Speaker: Board of Medical Ethics IDI

Session II

10.25 – 11.25

Ischemic Heart Disease

Moderator: Dr. dr Pudjo Rahasto, SpJP (K) FIHA

Acute Coronary Syndrome: management in primary care setting

Speaker: dr. Rony M Santoso, SpJP (K) FIHA

Beyond rate control : the role of therapy with beta blocker in improving coronary flow

Speaker: Dr. dr. Chandramin, SpJP (K) FIHA

Optimal therapy for recurrent angina in chronic ischemic heart disease

Speaker: dr. Febtusia Puspitasari, SpJP FIHA


Session III

11.25 – 12.25

Congenital Heart Disease

Moderator: dr. Roy Christian, SpJP (K) FIHA

Initial management of hypoxic spell in the emergency room: what can GP do?

Speaker: dr. Shafira Nadia, SpJP FIHA

Pulmonary hypertension in congenital heart disease: Pathophysiology based treatment

Speaker: dr. Nurnajmia Curie Proklamartina, SpJP FIHA

Non-surgical intervention in left-to-right shunt congenital heart disease: New update

Speaker: dr. Aditya Agita Sembiring, SpJP FIHA


12.45 – 13.30

Lunch Symposium: Best Practices in Acute Coronary Syndromes

Moderator: dr. Tito Phurbojoyo, SpJP(K) FIHA

Balancing bleeding and ischemic risk in acute coronary syndromes: Formulating appropriate treatment strategies

Speaker: dr. Hardja Priatna, SpJP (K) FIHA

Anticoagulation in conjunction with antiplatelet therapy for acute coronary syndromes

Speaker: dr. Daniel Tanubudi, SpJP (K) FIHA Discussion

Session IV

13.30 – 14.30

Vascular Disease

Moderator: dr. Heri Hernawan, Sp.JP, FIHA

Angina of the leg: what can we do to prevent further complications

Speaker: dr. Wira Kimahesa Anggoro, SpJP FIHA

Chronic venous insufficiency: why should we notice the leg

Speaker: dr Vito Anggarino Damay, SpJP(K) FIHA

Early diagnosis of venous thrombosis and acute primary treatment

Speaker: dr. Melissa Aziz, SpJP FIHA


18. 30 – 21.00

Dinner Symposium

Moderator: dr. Ika Krisnawati, SpJP FIHA

Ensuring protection beyond stroke prevention in high-risk AF patients

Speaker: Dr. dr. Antonia Anna Lukito, SpJP(K) FIHA

Hypertension management based on current guidelines cause not all CCBs are equals

Speaker: dr. Herenda Medishita, SpJP(K) FIHA

Workshop Sessions

15.00– 17.00

WORKSHOP 1: Coronary Artery Diease : Which best modalities should be chosen for diagnosing?

Course Director:

dr. Estu Rudiktyo,SpJP(K), FIHA

dr. Siti Irma Mashitah, Sp.JP, FIHA

Topic I : Algoritma stable CAD

dr. Abhirama Nofandra Putra, SpJP, FIHA

Topic II: TMT, Echo (dobu stress echo), MRI, CT Scan Coronary

dr. Yoshua Arthur Iskandar. SpJP, FIHA

15.00 – 17.00

WORKSHOP 2:  Basic ECG & Arrhytmia

Course Director:

dr.Mardhatillah,SpJP, FIHA

Topic I: Basic ECG from zero to hero

dr. Mochamad Renaldi, Sp.JP, FIHA

Topic II: How to read Emergency ECG

dr. Fauzi Akira, SpJP, FIHA

Topic III: Arrhytmia ECG : Arrhytmia : SVT, VT, Atrial flutter in emergency setting

dr. Heri Hernawan, SpJP, FIHA

15.00 – 17.00

WORKSHOP 3: Acute Cardiovascular Care I

Course Director

dr. Fadhil Pratama Apriansyah, SpJP, FIHA

Topic I: Chest pain : ACS, Acute Aortic Syndrome 

dr. Cynthia Yosephine Silitonga SpJP, FIHA

Topic II: Dispneu : step by step Acute Lung Oedema treatment in emergency

dr. Nitia Almaida Asbarinsyah, SpJP, FIHA

Topic III: Dispneu : Acute Heart Failure in ACS treatment in emergency

dr. Adhi Kurniawan, SpJP, FIHA

15.00 – 17.00

WORKSHOP 7: Congenital Heart Disease

Topic I: Cianotic CHD : when do we suspect cyanotic HD in rural area (ECG & CXR)

dr. Nila Indah Gayatri, SpJP, FIHA

Topic II: Non Cianotic CHD : what to look for and when is the right time to refer?

dr. Aditya Agita Sembiring, SpJP (K),FIHA

Topic III: GUCH : case study WHO classification risk for pregnancy, what is the strategy?

dr. Harry Akip Mahathir,SpJP,FIHA

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